# 1 Beginners Course


Chess is an excellent game for kids. Chess helps in improving concentration, focus, memory skills, logic and academic performance of the child. Learning chess can be easy and fun. Our programs bring the benefits of chess to children in a manner that is both engaging and fun. In this course we start with basics of chess with attractive syllabus.This Course is for small kids (Below 6 yrs)

# 2 Beginners Course


Beginners course for those students who are new to the game of chess. Learn to play Chess from the basics step by step from Professionals Trainers at ChessMantra. This Course is designed with easy and simple lessons to help your kids learn quickly.

# 3 Intermediate Course

(For Unrated)

To maintain level Chess Trainer has designed its Intermediate Chess program. This Chess course will take you a level further from the Beginners program to Intermediate level. Intermediate Chess program will help you to understand your Chess game more deeply and you will be guided in different areas of the game to help you go to the next level. This course is for those who are good in chess.

# 4 Advance Course

(For Rating Above 1000/Above 18 Age)

Advanced Course is specially designed to fine tune your strategies and tactics required to play in National and International Chess Tournaments. This program focuses on improving your skills with Tactical exercise and Positional exercise. This course is for those who have FIDE rating below 1500. This course will help you prepare for the future tournaments.

# 5 Professional Course

(For Rated Above 1500 Rating/Above 18 Age)

To improve upon your Chess game you need high-quality chess lessons, professionally written courses and one on one guidance.Our goal is to improve the skills of our students by creating a competitive environment around them which will improve their calculating, logical and decision making power and help them to explore themselves fully and make them realize their potential so that they can differentiate unlimited possibilities and make the right decision by choosing the best opportunity. This course is for those who have a rating of more than 1500.

# 6 Online Course

(For Individual/Above 18 Age)


# 7 ChessMantra Playing Club

(Open to All)


# 8 Chess In Schools Program

(Request Quote)

Learning and playing chess provides a host of benefits including improved memory, problem-solving skills, an enhanced ability to think ahead, and potential performance improvement in math and science. Our goal is to ensure that all of our students improve at chess, gain valuable life skills and, most importantly, have fun. All after school programs are taught by International FIDE rated chess trainers teaches to ensure that students learn in a fun, rewarding, safe environment. ChessMantra Trainers  are trained to not only effectively teach kids how to play chess, but to engage young minds and promote critical thinking.



18 September 2017, KBC at Sony TV, Featuring ChessMantra Students, Director ChessMantra Nitin Rathore as Jodidaar & Sister Shweta Rathore of ChessMantra who made it to Hot Seat, a Chess Episode.


Director-cum-Chief Trainer

Nitin Rathore, FIDE Rated Chess Player, Licensed FIDE Arbiter, Certified Chess Trainer by World Chess Federation, Director-cum-Chief Trainer, Chess Trainer for Advance & Professional Level at ChessMantra

Senior Trainer

Sh. Baij Nath, Former President Chandigarh Chess Association, Strong Chess Player with over 50 years of experience, One of his best student is International Master Himal Gusain, Chess Trainer for all levels at ChessMantra


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